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ADV Couriers are a family ran business based in Bristol and were formed in 2007. We offer a fast, friendly, efficient and reliable delivery service nationwide and to Europe whether it’s a small parcel, urgent documents, bulky items on pallets or loose, we can handle it. You let us know your needs and we’ll take it from there.

We offer fantastic rates to courier your items to your desired destination for your chosen delivery time or by an agreed deadline in which you set.  We have extremely high standards and take great care in ensuring our customer’s needs are being met so that you can rest easy knowing that your items will be delivered on time and handled with great care.

We offer a wide range of services including sameday, fragile goods, pallets and secure documents. We create a delivery plan to cater to your requests on how and when you want your items transported.

ADV Couriers have a network of drivers who work directly for us and we use all different sized vans ranging from car-derived vans to extra long wheel-based 4.2m load length vans. We will use the appropriate van for the job at all times and the rate will depend on the size of the van needed.

Each of our vans carry all the necessary safety equipment such as straps, bubble wrap, blankets, sack trucks, etc to ensure the goods are transported securely.  We also ensure all our drivers dress smartly and wear appropriate safety gear when arriving on site such as Hi-visability vest, safety boots, etc.

We pride ourselves on our rapid response time. We aim to get to your collection point within 30 minutes no matter where in the UK you want a collection made. We understand how urgent most of the jobs we are given are and understand the pressures you are under to get them to their destination on time. Even when the job isn’t as time critical, we will still treat it as if it is. As soon as we are loaded, we will be on our way and will go directly to the delivery point without any hesitation. As soon as delivery is made, we will call you to let you know and give you a name of the person who signed for the consignment and the exact time of delivery.

We already have contracts with various major international companies who have to work to strict deadlines so every delivery is time critical as there are major financial consequences for them if a deadline is not met. They continue to use us because we have proved to them how reliable and honest we are. This is the reputation we have built up with all of our customers and strive to carry on doing so with the high standards we set ourselves.

We also deliver to Europe and operate in exactly the same way as we do with nationwide deliveries. We pursue directly to the load’s destination as soon as we are loaded. We have various connections with ferry companies to ensure we use the best and quickest route for the job to ensure the long haul journey runs as smoothly as possible for your consignment to get to its European destination on time without any glitches.

To arrange a collection or to get a quote please get in touch with us today. We’ll be glad to assist.


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